Fee Collections For Law Firms

As lawyers, we're here to help our clients navigate the legal system. Time spent chasing down payments is time that we don't spend representing our clients.

Seeking collection of attorney fees has unique challenges. Whether it's the threat of a false malpractice claim or the concern of turning over records to a collection agency (which may not even have lawyers on staff), trying to collect unpaid fees can be hard for your practice.

At Lanfear & Associates, our services include the investigation and collection of unpaid legal fees.

How We Can Help You

Clients typically respond better to third parties seeking payment because it creates a neutral wall between their case and their legal counsel. It allows you more time to focus on your practice, and you can trust that we will follow the ethical and procedural guidelines of the State Bar of Texas.

Our investigative team will thoroughly research your debtors to determine their financial status and ability to fulfill their contracts. Our firm is respected in the community for our professionalism, dedication and strategy. We have over two decades of experience in detailed financial cases, such as complex division of property, title research and seeking hidden assets.

We have trial experience, a deep knowledge of complex property, and we're known as tough litigators.

We also understand the complicated nature of relationships, financial structures and how people circumvent the law. We will determine if you can recover the funds you are owed, including through litigation.

We Understand Finances

Lead attorney Michelle S. Lanfear has 24 years of trial experience in San Antonio and throughout the state. She is board-certified in family law and frequently helps clients with complex property holdings, interstate and international marriage and premarital contracts, and high-conflict situations. She is highly organized, detail-orientated and provides customized strategic representation for her clients. She is an experienced litigator who knows how to argue and win a case.

Contact Us To Discuss Your Options

We are detailed, diligent and persistent at everything we do. To speak with our investigative team about collecting unpaid attorneys' fees, call us at 210-610-2685 or send an email through our website. Let us take care of your delinquent accounts so you can focus on your clients.