Protecting Your Children And Your Parental Rights

Child custody, also called conservatorship, is decided two ways. The parents can agree to terms on their own, with the court signing off, or a judge in the Texas family court will make the decision. In either method, there are key elements that will define the agreement.

There are two types of custody. Legal custody means that a parent has decision-making responsibility for a child, such as choosing medical care, education and extracurricular activities, or disciplinary action. Physical custody refers to living arrangements and visitation schedules. Duties within these realms can be separate or shared — sole custody or joint custody.

You never know how a judge will rule. By working with an experienced legal team, you'll gain our knowledge about the process and our fierce dedication to our clients.

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Lanfear & Associates is an experienced family law firm that fights relentlessly for our clients. We work with you before and after filing for custody, helping you document your parental abilities in terms that the court can measure. We treat each case as unique, building a powerful strategy that fits your situation. We will compile extensive evidence to get what's best for your kids.

Founding attorney Michelle S. Lanfear is respected by her peers for her professionalism and dedication to her clients.

Some factors that influence custody are:

  • The relationship between the child and parents
  • Physical and emotional needs of the child
  • The parent's professional schedule and financial situation
  • Parental abilities
  • Parental stability
  • Criminal or substance abuse history
  • Willingness to share custody
  • The child's wishes

When Ms. Lanfear represents her clients, the opposing counsel knows they are up against a staunch advocate.

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With over 20 years of experience, we know the requirements for high-conflict custody cases for any family dynamic, whether you are divorcing parents from a traditional, blended or same-sex family or are unwed parents disputing parental rights. Michelle S. Lanfear is board-certified in family law and frequently handles contentious, high-conflict cases. She knows the local courts rule and what factors influence their decisions and will work tirelessly to fight for you.

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