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There are two types of custody in Texas: sole and joint. Joint is the most common, where one parent has primary physical custody of the child and the other parent has visitation rights, referred to by Texas law as possession and access. This means that each parent has scheduled time with the children, as defined in the custody agreement.

Your Visitation Rights, By Law

Visitation is an opportunity for the nonprimary custodian to spend time with the children. It differs based on the age of the children, the distance between parental homes and other personal factors.

While the state Standard Possession Order recommends a visitation schedule based on alternate weekends, custody disputes usually lead to a unique visitation schedule for each family. If you're unable to make the agreement work, you'll need a court-approved modification. If your co-parent is not cooperating, you can move for enforcement of your visitation rights.

Michelle S. Lanfear is dedicated, tough and delivers strategic, evidence-based advocacy for her clients.

Strategic And Evidence-Based Defense

Lanfear & Associates is one of San Antonio's most experienced family law firms, representing parents in high-conflict custody cases. We're experienced in complex, unique arrangements tailored to individual family needs, including restricting rights when a co-parent is combative or violates a court order. We'll research your case in detail, using investigators and a network of experts to build a strong case.

Founding attorney Michelle S. Lanfear is board-certified in family law. She is a respected lawyer who fights tirelessly for her clients, using forceful arguments based on detailed evidence to get what is best for their family. She has gone through divorce herself, including a custody dispute with her own child, and she can relate to the emotional and legal demands of your situation.

We are known as a force to be reckoned with in the courtroom. We'll fight to get what's best for your children.

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