Protecting Your Children Financially

Child support ensures that children maintain a certain quality of life, regardless if they live in a one or two parent household. For children raised by single or divorced parents, the goal is to provide resources that would be available if parents were living together.

Providing for your child financially is a parental responsibility, and child support is the legal mechanism to make sure it happens. At Lanfear & Associates, we help ensure support orders provide your child what he or she requires for a solid upbringing. That means more than necessities like food and shelter. Child support can include educational costs, extracurricular activities and even college savings.

It's every parent's duty to support their children, and we fight to make sure that it happens.

The Right Lawyer Will Make A Difference

Michelle S. Lanfear is board-certified in family law and has 24 years of experience representing complicated and high-conflict family disputes. She's a fierce litigator and respected confidant. She's dedicated to her clients and provides organized, strategic counsel. She also understands the emotional challenges of family disputes, as she has been through a divorce and child custody dispute in her personal life.

Different families live within different means — you need an attorney who understands that and knows how Texas laws relate to your situation. At Lanfear & Associates, we have more than two decades of experience representing complex family law cases. We're tough advocates who put our clients first.

We'll seek a support agreement that secures your child's future, and we'll fight intensely to make sure that it's enforced. Our staff investigator will research your case in-depth to make sure no assets are being hidden by the other party and that the court has a complete account of both parent's estates.

Keeping Your Child Support Obligations Up-To-Date

It's common to seek modification of your child support guidelines after the original ruling. The needs of your children change as they grow. Parents' lives change too, as income sources and career opportunities affect your lifestyle and where you live. When an existing child support agreement requires an update, we will re-examine both parents' assets so your child is getting the right amount of support.

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We're a detail-oriented firm that will always put you first. We will listen to your concerns, investigate your case thoroughly and create a legal strategy to achieve your goals. Ms. Lanfear is a respected trial attorney who fights tenaciously for her clients and provides dexterous attention to detail and organization while looking out for your emotional well-being throughout the process.

Contact our San Antonio office, located in the TETCO Center, to set up a consultation. Call us at 210-610-2685 or email us to schedule an appointment. Child support is an important step to securing your child's future. We will make sure it's done right.