Protecting You And Fighting For You During Divorce

Nearly half of married couples get divorced. It's common today, but with matters of property division and child custody to settle, you need a lawyer who will fight to protect your interests. Divorce isn't just the dissolution of a marriage. It's a fresh start, and an experienced attorney will help you move forward with solid footing.

A skilled family lawyer makes all the difference. At Lanfear & Associates, we have decades of experience successfully handling complex property and high-conflict custody cases. Founding attorney Michelle S. Lanfear has 24 years of experience working with the local courts, and she is certified in family law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. She is one of the most experienced and respected family law attorneys in the county.

We understand both the legal and emotional challenges of your situation. We are here to help.

Protecting Your Rights

At Lanfear & Associates, we'll do more than reach a settlement: we'll fight for your rights and property, using all the resources at our disposal to build a strong legal strategy for your divorce. Our firm provides professional counsel that is customized for your situation. We will explain the law in detail, let you know your options and then work hard to ensure your property, financial and parental rights are protected throughout the divorce process.

Our firm is no stranger to complex property issues. We're experienced at documenting and dividing sophisticated properties by valuing businesses, researching property titles, and working across state lines and international borders to sort out marital property. We are also skilled at protecting our clients' relationships with their children, securing custody arrangements while being cognizant of the emotional strain on your children throughout the process.

We don't just fight for you to retain your property and quality of life, we fight for your peace of mind. We can handle any divorce, no matter how complex, whether you have a blended family, same-sex relationship, military enrollment or another unique arrangement.

Establishing Peace Of Mind

Divorce is a harsh experience — Ms. Lanfear knows that because she has experienced it firsthand. She knows the anxiety and uncertainty you feel during the process. Rest assured, when you hire our firm, your future is in good hands.

Call Now For A Strong Advocate

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