Complex Properties Must Be Carefully Evaluated During Divorce

Although community property is defined rather simply as property acquired during marriage, it becomes a complex concept in divorce, especially when dealing with complex assets. Most items cannot be split evenly down the middle. Instead, the value of a business, the management of a trust or the complications that come with transferring titles or ownership can have a dramatic impact on your long-term financial health.

To protect your property rights during divorce, you need professional, experienced experts who will get you fair value in the present while considering the future impact on your financial security. You also need to perform a thorough review to make sure that your spouse doesn't have any hidden assets or undervalued wealth that will misrepresent asset division in your divorce settlement.

Make Sure The True Value Of Your Assets Is Known

Accurately valuing businesses, stock holdings, 401(k)s, military pensions, retirement funds and other investment assets is key during divorce. Our attorneys are skilled in this arena. We have a team of outside experts, such as real estate appraisers, forensic accountants, CPAs and other financial experts we tap into to ensure our clients' assets are accurately identified and valued. Once we are certain we know the complete financial situation, rather than a simple snapshot, we begin negotiating a property settlement.

Michelle S. Lanfear is a tenacious attorney who will fight for your interests. She is certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, and she has 24 years of experience working with the Texas family court. She approaches every case with a unique strategy built from expert evidence. She is an advocate for her clients and understands the details of financial analysis that can affect the true value of property in a divorce.

Time, Toil And Talent Count Too

There is more to property than title ownership or a premarital agreement. If a partner's labor and intellect have increased the value of property, it becomes community property. We will investigate the history of titles and research if time, toil and talent have shifted individual property into community property. Using methods such as the community out first rule, minimum sum balance method, pro rata share rule and value tracing, we will prove your share of ownership.

We are also adept at investigating marital debt to ensure that one partner's obligations do not restrict the other in divorce.

Call Us To Protect Your Financial Interests During Divorce

Property, investments and debt are complicated financial structures that go beyond their current most recent balance statements. At Lanfear & Associates, we will research the true value and earning potential of your marital property to make sure you get the real value for what you own.

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