Protecting Your Property Rights So You Can Move Forward With Certainty

You can't have a divorce without division of property. It's a core part of the process, where each partner takes home their fair share of what they acquired in marriage. However, determining "who gets what" can be a complex and highly volatile process. At Lanfear & Associates, we are here to make sure your property and financial interests are protected.

Property Division In Texas

In marriage there are three estates: one for each spouse, plus the community property.

In Texas, anything accumulated in marriage is generally community property, with some exceptions. This means both partners own it equally — even if there is a title or contract that only has one name on it.

Separate property refers to property owned before marriage (sometimes defined in a prenuptial agreement), and gifts, inheritance or property awarded in a civil lawsuit during the marriage. To claim individual property, it must be carefully traced, proving that proceeds were entirely independent of the marriage. This includes any businesses.

Getting You Fair Value

Splitting property is often a contentious situation with many disputes, especially as property holdings become more complex. Home and property titles are difficult to divide evenly for many reasons. Businesses, investments, retirement accounts, pensions, trusts, oil and mineral rights and other entities can be even more challenging. In many cases, simply determining the value is a divisive topic and the divorce lawyer you choose to represent you will influence the outcome.

Lanfear & Associates has 24 years of family law experience. Our team has a trusted network of professionals for valuation and appraisal of property and assets. We strategically present evidence to show the true value of your assets and to make sure you get fair market value for your marital property.

Our team is experienced in handling divorce and property division cases in San Antonio, the Hill Country and New Mexico.

Our Methodical Approach Pays Off In Court

Our attorneys are respected litigators. We fight for our clients in court. But we're also smart and efficient. Whether dealing with a simple savings account or complex business or investment properties, we take a methodical approach, carefully researching and valuing each community asset. Our approach pays off during negotiations and in court.

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Michelle S. Lanfear is a board-certified family attorney with ample experience helping clients define assets and settle disputes. She understands the economic principles that affect value and fights for her clients to prove that a signature on a title or a price tag on an heirloom is not a true estimation.

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